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Hanno Leichtmann is a producer of electronic music, soundartist and curator of electronic music series and conceptual festivals like „letra / tone“ ,“grand jeté“ or „my favourite thing“.


Hanno Leichtmann has recorded 5 albums, the latest are entitled „unfinished portrait of youth today“ and “minimal studies”. Leichtmann’s modern version of minimal music with strong connections to dub, ambient and club music. „unfinished portrait of youth today“ is the current release (july 2015) , “minimal studies” was released in February 2013 on mikroton rec., Moscow.


he released the „lost“ soundtrack for Christoph Schlingensief’s last movie „African Twintowers“, featuring Sir Henry and an Indian music ensemble.
Under the moniker STATIC Hanno Leichtmann has released 4 albums and several 7″ and 12″ of electronica / pop between 2001 and 2011, on labels such as CityCentreOffices, Earsugar, Karaoke Kalk and Audio-nl.


Hanno Leichtmann is a also member of the bands Groupshow (with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler) and Denseland (with David Moss and Hannes Strobl).


Hanno Leichtmann is also the man behind the label “picture/disk” which releases editions of 23 unique handcrafted transparent 7″.

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