A/V Installation by Toby Cornish and Hanno Leichtmann

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SY – 4

four channel soundinstallation


duration 17.30 min


the source material / soundarchive of this soundinstallation was my collection of sounds


generated with an original SY-1 by Pearl, an early drum synthesizer.


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nouvelles aventures

museum künstlerkolonie mathildenhöhe darmstadt

3.- 9. august 2016

Hanno Leichtmann presents his own very individual approach to the task of remixing and reworking the IMD archive. As in his previous installations, he distills his sound material exclusively from a thematically fixed archive, in this case: concert recordings, lectures and discussions from 70 years of New Music history. These subjectively-chosen sounds were sent through his unique machinery of voltage- controlled (micro-) loopers, recorded, then finally pieced together in the studio to form the present installation/ radio feature. Here Leichtmann concentrates on the pure, original sound of the (sonic) archive: he primarily applies the traditional parameters of early electronic (tape) music (amplitude, pitch/speed, playback direction, series/cuts, but most of all: the repetition.
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sound installation


osthaus museum hagen 1.10. – 1.12.2015

part of the exhibition „singaja“ by fabian seyd 

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unfinished portrait of roedelius today

sound installation: hanno leichtmann

video installation: carolin brandl

haus der kulturen der welt, berlin 6.- 9.september 2015

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unfinished portrait of rodelius today

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