Hanno Leichtmann – Outerlands Live Set

my new live set based on the recordings with the artcraft organ located at  the villa aurora in Pacific Palisades / Los Angeles.

premiered in LA as an installation in november 2021 its now available as a electronic liveset

for booking please write an email at booking (at) static-music.de

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Hanno Leichtmann / Valerio Tricoli

Arcane, damaged, miasmic. 


Expert electro-acoustic dowsers, Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli present their latest rabbit-from-a-hat-trick; the latter filleting the former’s percussion and synthesiser improvisations on his trusted Revox B77 reel-to-reel machine with totally mind-bending effect.


Tricoli using the B77’s famous varispeed functions to transform Leichtmann’s linear stream of consciousness into fantastic, corkscrewing gestures and stereo-affected formations – the sort that’ll have your eyes/ears spinning independently to register the source in different compartments of the head, as though trying to calculate their physics in real time.


available for concerts: write to:  booking (at) static-music.de


HLVT live at MeakusmaIMG_6195

hanno leichtmann – minimal studies // solo version

live version of minimal studies using an akai mpc, selected modular devices,

mixing desk,various effect boxes and an ebow tone generator made from a zither.

hanno leichtmann - minimal studies


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