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a soundinstallation for two Sony CDP-7F

CD players and 658 samples

14. -16. July 2023

Die Möglichkeit einer Insel, Berlin


listen here

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Tangente, Sekante, Passante

Klanginstallation für 2 Technics SL-10 und 2 Lathe cut records

26. & 27.September Ausland, Berlin


listen here

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Le Cercle Rouge I / II

Multichannel installation and concert for one player



Hanno Leichtmann: Composition, Sound Installation

Magda Mayas: Prepared Piano



Hanno Leichtmann: Composition, Sound Installation

Dirk Rothbrust: Installation source sounds

Burkhard Beins: Live percussion


Konzerthaus Berlin


le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-09--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174074028_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-25--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174075928_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-10--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174074193_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-23--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174065561_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-28--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174076323_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-38--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52173047192_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-54--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174321604_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-51--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174069291_o le-cercle-rouge--konzerthaus-berlin-juni-2022-55--udo-siegfriedt-2022_52174079813_o

Frequenzkontinuum / Neophonie

Frequenzkontinuum by Hanno Leichtmann


Neophonie by Tilman Küntzel

at Sculpture festival Edition 2


listen here

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#Archive Series 8

Sound Installation and Radio Piece for SWR2


100 Jahre Donaueschinger Musiktage

Museum Art Plus Donaueschingen

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#archive series 7

six channel soundinstallation

Radialsystem Berlin

Kazan, Tartastan

P1030791 ICE_5162


A/V Installation by Toby Cornish and Hanno Leichtmann

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